Boost your sales and reduce admin time. Providing you with the tools you need, it helps manage your day to day tasks, while automating the rest, so more time can be spent increasing sales.

Client Records

Have in depth client records, view all personal information, show email/sms marketing opt in, view past/future appointments, keep a log of all communications sent out, view all forms signed and completed, take a look at financial payments recorded, check all photos, which includes photo marking and before/after.


Go completely paperless with our digital forms, attach forms to confirmation and reminder emails so that your clients can complete them before their appointment, receive a notification when a client has completed their form online. Get consent forms/questionnaires completed in person on a tablet. Complete all you’r consolation forms, and write notes.


(Photo Marking / Before & After)

Attach your patient's photos in no-time. Compare your client's results and save it in one image by choosing Before/After option. Face marking is optional with us, either choose to upload a photo from your patient's face or simply use our face diagram to accomplish your work.


Organize your daily/weekly/monthly appointments timetable and get creative by using contrasting colors for each service. From boring calendar upgrade to unconventional one and help your visuality. Book appointments, bookouts, events - grow your business! Your calendar is connected to SMS/Email confirmation notification messages, SMS/Email reminders and is highly responsive to all your devices.


We were unable to refrain from saving your time writing millions of notes for ALL your customers! Notes are digital now and painless to use. Linked to the names of the clients, or as General notes - once synced to your necessities, they can prevent losing important information and precious time.


(POS, Expenses, Invoices)

Be your own suitable financial manager and let our system guide you. Execute payments for products or services in a straightforward way, Create your invoices, and keep all transactions insight. Keep track of the expenses, always be precise, and correct with the customers.


Gather the insights by breaking down past performances and data, plan your next step, and take action. Describe, predict, and improve your business with our charts and dashboards that display the accurate percentage of your performances over the years and in the feature as well.


(SMS & Email Campaings, Survey, Automatic Reminders)

Sending out an infinite number of messages is just one click away with Sellsio's campaign option. Relying on the automated reminders is the perfect way to have your customers notified on time. Adjust your before appointment/after appointment reminders and let the system do the job for you. Create your own surveys, go inventive, grow into an original business.
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